Clerks II: Hilarious!

Well, last Friday night I and a few of my co-workers went to go see Clerks II. Granted, I believe half the sysadmins in the entire DC area were there, but that movie really does have a cultural following. It was chock full of one liners, insults to people of all races, religions, career choices, high-school experiences, even made a few good cracks at Lord of the Rings and its many followers. The classic elements of the original Clerks are there: talking about movies incessantly, ripping on any and all customers that make the foolish mistake of entering the store of note, Jay and Silent Bob (and the boombox) standing outside smoking, all of the good stuff. However, this movie actually has a plot and character development too, things not really existant (and not really missed by the general public) in the last one.

I will give you fair warning: it earns its R rating very well, and although it could have taken a few more steps in the mature direction, the weak-stomached should avert their eyes when 'Kelly' shows up (don't ask, please for the love of god don't ask).