Delta InFlight Entertainment

---Note: This was typed onboard the Delta flight from SEA to SLC---So I'm flying from Seattle to Vegas through Salt Lake, and it seems Delta has upgraded their inflight entertainment. Each seat, even coach, has a little video display, with free music (poor choices, if I do say so myself), flight status info, certain sattelite TV channels including CNN for free. All the good stuff is for charge, of course.

  • Movies: $5
  • HBO TV (Soprano's, etc): $2 an episode

While all of this is nice and well, input on the screens is spotty. The NTN-like inflight trivia has you enter a name on an OSK, and I had an extremely hard time not doubling my name (nniicckk). I think playing zuma would be near impossible, as even the iPod version requires dextrous fingers to launch the balls in the right direction.Delta seems to be trying to attract a new, hipper crowd, and by the entranced look of the majority of the passengers, they're doing well.Now if only they weren't blatantly obvious about monetizing their new toy... They strolled down the aisles selling headsets for 5 bucks the second we were level in the air, and before we got snacks or beverages. Let's hope this Lincoln/Washingtoning doesn't get in the way of actual, y'know, customer service.

Gah, about to land here. I really should see how much a flight with Wi-fi on board would go for. Can't be pretty :(