Almost 6 Years

Wow, it's funny. In Pidgin, one can view the Member Since information on any user on your buddy list (you might have been able to for some time, but I just noticed it). Apparently I've been on AIM since May 5th, 2002. Of course, I've been on the Internet for quite some time before that, but it's interesting to take a look back. More than half my life, I've been on the Internet, and it's impressive to see how it has grown since the original ARPANET. I distinctly remember an assignment in 5th grade where I had to track a few stocks. Back in the day, I'd have to get on AOL, a painstakingly slow process considering our Windows 95 machine. Then you had to browse for every individual stock (also slow). Nowadays, with Google Finance, RSS, and internet enabled cell phones, that information would come to me at blazing speeds anywhere I was. There's so much more out there, and so much more to be had. Let's hope these next 6 years (and those to follow) provide similar enhancements :)