NIN + Internet = Ghosts!

*UPDATE* After completing the download of the free album, Ghosts I, I've mirrored the album for download here. Enjoy :) *UPDATE* So Trent Reznor, lead singer of Nine Inch Nails, has released a new instrumental album called Ghosts. A 4-volume album, it's a sometimes-light, sometimes-heavy treat for NIN fans everywhere. But what's more great than the material is the distribution method. There are 5 options for listening to this album:

  1. The first volume (9 tracks) is available FOR FREE. That's right, free. You can grab it from NIN's official site (slow right now, but should be back up in the morning), or from various downloading sites such as The Pirate Bay.
  2. All 4 albums are available as a download in 320 kbps MP3 (The highest quality MP3 available), or FLAC or Apple Lossless (larger, but exactly the same quality as a CD). Any of these options costs you 5 dollars.
  3. A 2-cd preorder. 10$, and shipping sometime on or before April 8th, but you also get the above mentioned download.
  4. A 75$ deluxe package, with the CD's above, the entire album in multitrack format (for remixing to your heart's desire), a BluRay DVD of stereo recordings, and a 48-page hardcover photo book. Also shipping soim
  5. A 300$ Ultra-Deluxe (I kid you not) package, including everything above, 4 LP 180-gram vinyls, and two limited-edition Giclee prints, and more fabric slipcovers than you could hope for.

I'm excited. I've been trying to preorder the CD for a good 45 minutes now, but the site is just getting ROCKED. We'll see if I get to order it.

I'm glad that Trent is free from a record label so he can do this stuff now. I can guarantee you that giving away an album for free is not something most record companies would allow. Let's see how well this fares for the rest of the industry.....