Mac Address Book Google Contacts Syncing (without an iPhone)

So today, Apple released an update to Leopard: 10.5.3. Plenty of bugfixes abound, but a new feature was snuck in: Google Contacts Synchronization. This allows you to keep your address book in sync between Google, your Mac, and your iPhone. I say this because the caveat of this new feature is that it's only enabled for Mac users with an iPhone, but not for anyone else. This is absolutely nuts. Address Book has had Yahoo! synchronization since the beginning of Leopard, and I don't see why Apple (or Google?) only enabled it for iPhone users...But worry not, fellow Mac users without iPhones, because Lifehacker comes to the rescue with a moderately-tricky edit for Mac users with any iPod. The steps are more-clearly outlined on the article, but you open a .plist file generated when you connect an iPod to iTunes, and lie to iTunes, saying it's an iPhone, forcing Address Book to give you the option to sync with Google Contacts.If you've built up contacts on both services, expect about an hour of conflict resolution and duplicate deletion... oh joy.