Things I've learned

Just got back from a trip to Cancun for the weekend, and I've learned a few things:

  • No matter how technologically advanced we get as a civilization, you still need to carry a pen.
  • Laws should be written with some semblance of intelligence assumed in the people. Things move a lot quicker.
  • I appreciate the ability of US Airports to publish their gate number assignments more than 50 minutes before flight time.
  • I can appreciate why people get buzzed socially. Still don't know if I enjoy it that much, though.
  • It's quite possible to walk around for 10 minutes and find 8 different USD-MXN exchange rates. It is also mathematically impossible to make any money playing the exchanging game between those vendors.
  • The US Dollar is starting to suck.
  • When relying on SPF50 suntan lotion, be sure you get every square inch of your body. I have an interesting sin(x)/4x shaped line down my back (with the 0 near my right shoulder)
  • If you're going to visit a foreign country, at least attempt to learn some aspect of the language before you visit. Baño, bien, y tu, para ti, and gato only take you so far.
  • Bodyboarding is still freakin awesome.
  • As is snorkeling. We saw 3 dolphins in 30m deep ocean!
  • Take more shirts then you think you'll need.
  • The intracity buses in Cancun are 6.50 MXN, roughly 60 cents US. Freakin nuts!!

There's probably a few more, but those are the ones I remembered to write down on my phone between planes.